10 Reasons to Celebrate Your Honeymoon In Shimla

Well, a honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime event! This is where a honeymoon in Shimla can accomplish this feat.

Yes, you will find ample scope to spend quality time with your better-half. In fact, it has become the most sought-after destination for married couples

Shimla Embraces Every Couple During Honeymoon In Shimla

The serene and romantic surroundings in this hill station give you an even more unique experience. A wonderful climate, a soothing climate and stunning views all around makes it worth the stay!

10 reasons to spend your honeymoon in shimla

10 Reasons Why Honeymoon In Shimla Is Encouraging

1.  Relish The Pristine Environs

The heavenly beauty exhibited by Shimla is second to none! On top of that, you can indulge with places to visit in Shimla. For instance, newlywed couples often get lost in the panoramic views from Naldehra Peak.

2.  Love Is In The Air Owing To The Salutary Weather

This hill station contains a rustic charm. This is clearly evident from the presence of love in the air. This makes it a perfect romantic escapade for almost every newly married couple looking for some marital bliss!

3.  Opt For A Cottage For More Privacy

The first thing honeymooners look for is total privacy. You will find luxurious cottages and get privacy in abundance.

It will permit you to show your deep love and true feelings towards your partner.

4.  Break The Monotony Of Life

You gain the liberty to sit near a fireplace and enjoy a stupendous dinner. It helps you to break-free from the monotony of having dinner in a restaurant environment.

5.  Make The Most By Visiting Eye-Catching Tourist Places

The city offers tourist spots galore. You can choose from the best Shimla tourist places like Kiala Forest,   Jakhoo Hill, and more. If you are a thrill-seeker, expect to get thrilled to your heart’s contentment.

6.  Get Mesmerized With Untouched Beauty Of Best Places

Are you looking for Shimla best places? You will be spoilt for choices! For example, you can explore the stunning and untouched beauty existent in Chali.

You are going to get smitten by the fruit laden orchards or the million dollar Himalayan views.

7.  Are You Looking For A Pleasant Encounter?

Selection of the timing of visit plays a significant role in the outcome you derive. When it comes to the best season to visit Shimla, ideally it ought to be between March to June. A pleasant weather would mean you can take part in innumerable outdoor activities. The temperature remains around 15 °C to 30 °C.

8.  Local Sightseeing Can Enhance Your Staying Experience

No visit to this hilly place is complete without Shimla local sightseeing. The city won’t let you down either! It offers many places worth the visit such as Mall Road, Chimla Chirsit Church, The Ridge of Shimla, and more.

9.  Take A Stroll To View The Oak And Pine Trees

Talk a stroll on the hillsides to witness the beautiful oak and pine forests.

10.  Have A Glance At The Architectural Treasure It Possesses

Nestled approximately at around 2,200 m altitude, you get a rare opportunity to see the marvelous colonial architecture as well.

Know The Best Places To Visit While You Honeymoon In Shimla

Below are names of Shimla’s best places worth your attention:

  • Himachal State Museum
  • Mashobra
  • Chadwick Falls
  • Annandale

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