10 Things To Do On Your Shimla Manali Tour

Shimla Manali has always been the highly considered spot for anyone to make a visit.

Whether it is for solo travellers, group vacations, or even for honeymooners, Shimla Manali has so much to offer for anyone who visits.

If you are looking to explore this place for your next vacation, then this blog will be your guide.

We will cover all the aspects required to help make this journey easy for you such as what is the Shimla Manali tour package details, what is the Delhi to Mcleodganj package? how can you reach quicker, what can you do, and much more. 

10 Things To Do On The Shimla Manali Tour

1. Landscape visit

The landscapes of Shimla Manali are a sight to behold. The mountain peaks create a great impression in the minds of landscape lovers. If you wish to view more such nature-related places, you can also visit Mcleodganj. The Delhi to Mcleodganj package is affordable and consists of multiple perks. 

2. Manikaran

Visit Manikaran for a special hot water bath session. As you unwind in the cold weather, Manikaran brings you this session to feel the warmth. 

3. Skiing

Head to soland valley for skiing. Solang Valley has great mountain tops that you can view while skiing. 

4. River rafting

Head to Manali for river rafting. River rafting has been one of the most considered adventure sports when anyone visits Manali. Hence it is better to hop in one as you raft through the beauty of Shimla Manali. If you opt for a Shimla Manali tour package, this activity as well as much more will be added in. 

5. Explore the local cuisines

Visit the local restaurants to enjoy the local cuisine. The best way to relish the traditional foods of Shimla Manali is to sit at the local restaurants. 

6. Visit local shops

Head to the local shops to purchase great souvenirs. You don’t want to leave this beauty without taking something to remember you of it. From handicrafts to more, purchase a piece of Manali with you. 

7. Head to Rohtang Pass

Visit Rohtang Pass to explore the thrilling aspects which the state provides. Ensure that you have a pass so that you can easily enter the place. For bike lovers, this place is a must. 

8. Camping

Get your group or conduct a solo campaign near rivers. The rivers have great spots when it comes to camping. 

9. Yak Ride

Head to Solang Valley again for a Yak ride. Don’t give Yak rides a miss especially when you’re in Shimla Manali. 

10. Road trip

Get on a road trip with your group or solo to explore different parts of Himachal Pradesh. Apart from travelling by bus, hit the roads because that is the best way to explore this beautiful state. View the apple orchards to the small shops and pass villages that will help you see the true Himachal Pradesh traditions. 

How To Reach Shimla Manali?

You can take a bus to reach Manali from Shimla however it can take up more time. 


Shimla Manali has always been a prominent destination for any type of travellers who visit the place.  

With all the information provided above, you have everything you need to plan your upcoming vacation here. 

So tell us, which place will you head to first?

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