Airports In Himachal Pradesh – Know About Himachal Airports!

Himachal Pradesh is one of the improved and highly recommended tourist places in India. Here you will find many places that engage and attract tourists in large numbers. Airports in Himachal Pradesh are rated highly by many people that visit this place more often or not. Traveling all parts of Himachal Pradesh can be possible by flight, and the airport is well versed with modern facilities and lots of recreation for passengers. Located in the lap of the Himalayas, Himachal Pradesh is a tourist hub place. Well, if you want to come to Himachal Pradesh, then you need to know the airports here.

Top 3 airports in Himachal Pradesh

Once you book a flight ticket for Himachal Pradesh, you will get the full value of your desire to travel to this place. There are 3 main airports that connect all places in India, and your wish to explore different places will be fulfilled.

  1. Bhuntar airport- Kulu Manali 

Bhuntar airport is located and placed in the small town of Bhuntar and mainly serves as the most significant point to the hill stations of Manali and Manikaran. It is close to the airport near Manali, Himachal Pradesh.

Bhuntar Airport Connectivity Connectivity

One can easily get a flight from Delhi to Bhuntar. The airport has connectivity flights from Delhi to Pathankot by air India. It is the domestic airport in himachal pradesh.

How to reach Bhuntar Airport

It has great connectivity and hardly takes time to reach the desired location. One can book a cab to easily reach the destination without any hassle or delay in procedures. The Bhuntar airport lies at a distance  of 200 kilometres  by road from kangra and well connected to shimla .

2. Gaggal airport- Kangra 

Next on the list of airports here in Himachal Pradesh is Gaggal airport which connects all places here and is located near the Kangra districts. The airport is located in the hills of Dharamsala and has always been a preferred tourist destination due to its breathtaking views of the mountains.

Gaggal Airport Connectivity Connectivity

Gaggal to Dharamsala is the best connectivity that helps people to reach their destination on time. The airport runs  flights which connects to Delhi, Kulu, and Chandigarh via the services of Air India, SpiceJet, etc.

How to reach the destination on time ?

You can take autos or taxis from outside the airport terminal, and on your way, you can take rental cars to reach the places without any delay in proceedings. Also your stay in Dharamsala, you can book a rental car to travel to many parts of here.


3. Jubbarhatti airport – Shimla 

Located in the heart of the place, Jubbarhatti airport connects to Shimla and is lied at a distance of 23 km from Jubbarhatti airport. It is the best airport in the region of Shimla and is highly preferred by travelers.

Jubbarhatti Airport Connectivity Connectivity 

Due to the higher altitude, many flights were halted in Shimla to land at the airport safely. These are the nearest airports to Manali, Himachal Pradesh and continuously serve passengers the best hospitality and unmatched air services.

Himachal Airports All we know:

These airports are labeled with top airports that help people to reach Shimla, Dharamsala, and Manali any time of the year. With a stunning mountain view and hill station, you can enjoy your time and love to travel to these places frequently.

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