All You Need To Know About Kinnaur Kailash, Himachal Pradesh

Planning your next trek?

How about a trek with a beautiful view of the mountains?

That is exactly what Kinnaur Kailash in Himachal Pradesh will offer you.

It covers beautiful mountains, valleys, rivers, and orchards and you must have heard that this place is the home of Lord Shiva. 

Kinnaur is divided into two valleys, Sangla and Hangrang, and is further again divided as per areas, Pooh, Kalpa Kinnaur, and Nichar.

If you’re looking to trek or explore other adventure sports, it’s time for you to visit Kinnaur Kailash.

Here are a few things you need to know about this valley.


What Can You Do In Kinnaur Kailash?

  1. If you love beautiful surroundings, take a tour of Chitkul
  2. If you’re a nature lover, get travelling to Baspa River and Bhaba Valley
  3. For hiking, head to Charang Ghati Pass and Lamkhaga Pass, Rupin Pass
  4. For religious travelers, visit Durga Temple

Must-Visit Places In Kinnaur Kailash

  1. Chakka

Trekking to Chakka that has an altitude of 15000 ft that is above sea level

  1. Suicide Point

Take a walk to Suicide Point to explore the rich apple orchids

  1. Roghi Village

To learn better about the traditions of Himachal Pradesh visit Roghi village

  1. Temples & Monastery

To explore religious places, visit Narayan- Nagini temple and hu-bu-Lan- kar monastery 

  1. Basteri

To shop for warm shawls or handicraft items, visit Basteri

  1. Kamru Fort

Visit the Kamru fort that has been converted into a temple dedicated to the Hindu goddess, Kamakhya Devi

Travelling to Kinnaur Kalpa? Here’s The Best Time To Visit

To trek, travellers can arrive in the valley during Summer and Autumn.

For a visit, travellers can arrive in the valley between May and October, however between September to October is suggested for a visit as the other months stand at a risk of experiencing landslides and more due to the weather. 

How To Reach Kinnaur Kailash?

Either you can take a train from New Dehli to Kalka railway station and then board buses from Shimla or you can travel by road which will be 608 km from Delhi. 

So when are you travelling to Kinnaur Kailash?

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