Chail Palace Is Now A Heritage Palace

Shimla is among all time favorite tourist destinations for spending vacations. If you are planning to visit Shimla then don’t forget a visit to Chail which is just 45km from Shimla. It houses the highest cricket ground in the world. The ground rests at an altitude of 2,444 m above sea level and was owned by erstwhile royal family of Patiala.

Recently Chail Palace, a premium property of H.P. Tourism Development Corporation Limited (HPTDC’s) got a heritage status.  It is the first hotel to get a Heritage Hotel status in the region. GOI (Government of India) appointed a high level committee of seven members who visited Palace in 2011; they detailed out certain requirements and asked HPTDC to complete those in given time span. HPTDC completed the same in required time. The three member committee constituted by GOI (Ministry of tourism), visited The Chail Palace again on 30th January, 2012, inspected the Palace and verified it against all requirements. After being statisfied that all the requirements were completed and fulfilled in all respects accordingly The Chail Palace was granted the Heritage Status.

Inside The Chail Palace

Chail Palace is a tiny resort with beautiful environs. In the abodes of Shivalik range it can be seen as a blend of both Western and Indian Styles, cuddled among the pine (Deodar) covered forest. Chail palace was built in 1891 and was originally a part of Keonthal State. But later it came under the sway of the Gorkha warrior Amar Singh and finally became a royal resort and summer seat of Maharaja of Patiala. Later in 1972 the Palace was purchased by Himachal Tourism.

Lobby of Chail Palace

The Heritage Status for Chail Palace will mark it as an important destination in global map giving new heights to Himachal Pradesh tourism in attracting more foreign tourists.

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