Dada Siba Temple – Rusty Old Beauty

Constructed in 1450 AD, the Dada Siba Temple is situated in the old village of Dada Siba, near Pragpur, Himachal Pradesh. The village is particularly known for its Dada Siba Temple and watermills. Raja Gobind Singh, a man of refined taste, built the Radha-Krisna temple in the green thickness of a wooded place. This showed that he had a sense of beauty; he started the work for this temple and Raja Ram Singh finished it. The Dada Siba Temple has some magnificent Kangra murals and miniature wall paintings on the inner walls.

How to visit Dada Siba Temple
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Why visit Dada Siba Temple

The temple is quaintly attractive with the old design and architecture, speaking a lot about the golden past.

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