Do You Know Why Hadimba Temple Of Manali Is So Famous?

Do You Know Why Hadimba Temple Of Manali Is So Famous?

Located in the beautiful deodar forest hilly terrain of Manali, hadimba temple is a must-visit tourist destination. It boasts of marvelous architectural appeal and is equally liked by spiritually inclined individuals.

Built sometime around the 16th century, people visit the temple to derive blessings of goddess Hadimba.

hadimba temple

Hindu mythology states, Hadimba was the wife of Bhima – the strongest and well-built among all Pandava brothers.

Seek Apologies For Your Sins

It is noteworthy; people come here to seek apologies for sins committed in their lifetime. This becomes a proud moment for them since it has a divine touch to their act.

Hindu mythological references throw light to this aspect. It is widely believed goddess  Hadimba had come in this mountainous region to mediate here and sought apologies for sins committed by her.

hadimba temple manali

The entrance of hadimba devi temple  is testimony to divine intervention. It contains a 10 centimeter footprint of the most fiercest and powerful goddess Durga.

It Boasts Of Scenic Ambience And Construction

As if the snow-laden hills of Manali is not enough, the gorgeous cedar forests surrounding hadimba temple manali  leave people speechless!

It is the location of the temple on a rock together with its construction that is very mesmerizing. For instance, it accommodates a cone shaped roof, wooden doorways, and more.


The wooden doorway has several carvings of all significant Hindu mythological symbols and figures. In addition, it gives us a rare opportunity of going through happenings in Lord Krishna’s life.

Explore The Delightful Scenes

Take a stroll and explore the surroundings. For example, the temple complex is worth exploring and so are the nearby trails.

Likewise, located approximately 200 meter south of this temple, you will find a sacred tree. It is no ordinary tree since mythology has it that the tree constitutes Bhima’s son Gatothkach.

If lucky, you can even spot the famous white fluffy Angora rabbit as well!

Some Sad News For Idol Lovers

If you are an idol lover, it is perhaps sad news for you. This five centuries old temple does not have an idol of a deity. All you get is the footprints on stones for offering your prayers and respects.


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