How To Plan Your Leh Ladakh Trip On A BIke

A biker’s paradise – Ladakh always captures the mind of a true biker, both amateur and experienced. There’s something about a trip to Leh-Ladakh that excites and energizes adventurers.

Perhaps it is the magical atmosphere of the mountain or the pure experience of the mystical paths that lead you to your destination. Ladakh has the highest motorcycle roads in the world, a unique experience. A bike ride in Ladakh is one of the most sought-after adventure experiences today.

Why are bike trips in Ladakh so popular?

  • Each rider will have a personal inspiration or a lesson learned for their ride. We have listed the most probable reasons.
  • A Powerful Adventure: You can camp, hike, bike, and take on uphill trails, all on your bike.
  • Camping in the heart of nature: Wild nature is even more exotic with camping sites along the way that will give you a special feeling of excitement.
  • Off the track: There is no route when you are on Ladakh road and the road itself is the destination.
  • Soulsearching: Solo bike trips are best experienced on a route as spectacular as Ladakh. An opportunity to feel in tune with yourself and nature.
  • Group trips: motorcycle gang or group of friends. It will be the most satisfying and fun road trip you will ever do with your friends.

Best time to take a bike trip to Leh-Ladakh

Routes are closed about 6 months of the year due to heavy snowfall and landslides. The Manali to Leh highway normally opens to traffic in mid-May and takes a long time to open initially. It usually closes at the end of September. Between June and September will be a good time for this route. The Srinagar Expressway is also open anytime from mid-May to June and closes in November. July to November is the ideal time for this route. Check the exact opening hours of the roads online and wait two favorable weeks for the roads to become available.
Fuel: Considering your bike averages around 30-35 km per liter and the ride will be around 3000+ km, fuel can cost from Rs. 7000 (max. Min)
to Rs. 10,000 ( max).
Food: One day you can spend around Rs. 300 to Rs. 500 for your meal.
Accommodation: Accommodation options range from Rs. 1000 per day to Rs. 2500 per day.
Other Expenses: including licenses and other miscellaneous expenses, keep an extra of Rs. 3000 to Rs. 5000.

Consider following when planning your Leh Ladakh trip on a bike:

  • Choose the right bike

You will ride on the toughest roads. You cannot compromise on the quality of the bike, so choose one wisely. Pay close attention to the characteristics of the bicycle and make sure it is in good condition. We recommend Royal Enfield 350C or An Enfield Bullet, if not, you can also choose a pulsar bike.

  •  Have something on hand and easy to access

Carry a first aid kit with you. As we said, safety is always the first thing. It should include band-aids, preservatives, crocin for fever and body pain, and Avomine for diseases. Weather changes have a huge impact on your body, so you should always put first aid first.

  •  Deciding route

Although there are two different routes to Leh, one goes through Manali and the other goes through Srinagar. Remember to decide the route based on your ability and comfort.

  • Bring extra petrol

15-20 liters of extra petrol is our recommendation, because it is a long journey and looking for petrol on the road is definitely not a good choice. The gas station is far away from Ladakh, so please make sure that your bike’s fuel tank is full to ensure an easy ride.

  • Equipment
  1. Charger, external battery
  2. First aid kit (prescription medicine with AMS)
  3. Rechargeable flashlight
  4. GPS with charger
  5. Camera equipment and equipment
  6. Swiss Army Knife

Once you start planning your trip and look forward to all the unexpected and pleasant attractions and surprises that you will surely encounter during your bike trip in a lifetime. Have a good trip! If you have any comments or questions, please use the comment box below.

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