Kunzum Pass – Gateway To Spiti

Kunzum Pass is well known as the highest motorable passes across the Kunzum range, at an altitude of about 4551 m. It serves as an entrance pass to the Spiti valley from Lahaul. Goddess Kunjum (Durga/Parvati) resides in a temple on the Kunzum top and keeps guard over the pass and wards of the evil. Most visitors seek blessings of the Goddess by visiting the temple. The Chandratal Lake is about 7 km from Kunzum Pass. While moving through the Kunzum Pass you can also see the Bara-Sigri glacier, second longest glacier in the world.

How to visit Kunzum Pass
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June to October

Why visit Kunzum Pass

To see the highest motor-able passes at an altitude of about 4551 m

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