Naggar – A Beautiful Hamlet With Glorious Past

n the 16th century, Naggar served as the capital of Kullu. It is now a beautiful hamlet on a hill that is surrounded by forests and monuments reflecting its magnificent history. The village is home to many historically important monuments like the The Naggar Castle. This castle, now turned into a heritage hotel was built by the Raja Sidh Singh over 500 years ago. There are many temples that can be visited here like the Chatar Bhuj temple, Murlidhar temple, Tripura Sundri Devi temple and the Jagti Patt temple. The paintings of the renowned Nicholas Roerich are exhibited at the Nicholas Roerich Gallery.

How to visit Naggar
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Why visit Naggar

To see the historical monuments, paintings by Nicholas Roerich and the beautiful Naggar Castle.

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