On A Shopping Spree In Himachal Pradesh – Buying Local Stuff in Himachal

The very thought of going to a shopping mall and buying your favorite stuff brings in lot of excitement. The excitement doubles if you buy things from a different place, particularly from a place you are visiting the first time.

Tourists visiting the beautiful hill state of Himachal Pradesh for the first time are captivated by the handicraft items and other accessories commonly found in most shops. Shopping in Himachal Pradesh is an excellent way to know the culture of the state. An avid shopper has lots of opportunities when it comes to buying his or her favorite items from the most well-known spots in Himachal.

Shopping in the picturesque valley of Himachal Pradesh is the most delightful experience that should never be missed out before leaving to your destination.  Himachal Pradesh is renowned for its handicraft items, metal works, woodworks, paintings, jams and squashes.

The extreme cold climate of Himachal Pradesh requires people to wear woolen items like shawls, caps, mufflers and pullovers. Almost every place in Himachal Pradesh has its own specialty and shopaholics will surely find things of their interest that they can take back.

Shopping in Shimla – The Capital City

Shimla is the most ideal destination for people to shop for their favorite items. You can go hunting for a perfect gift for your spouse by taking a peaceful walk on the Mall road.

1. Maria Brothers & Asian Book Depot – Book lovers will find a unique collection of novels, books on literature and a variety of manuscripts, maps to choose from. Children’s books and greeting cards are also found here.
2. Diwanchand Atmaram, Lalsons and Comarsons – These are the most renowned shops on the Mall road from where you can buy woolen clothing, shirts, T-shirts and jackets.
3. Himachal Emporium – on the Mall road is another spot to buy your woolen items. However, if you are thinking of purchasing handicrafts items then buy them from here.
Walking down towards the lower bazaar, you can purchase some pickles and squashes.
4. Lakkar Bazar is another famous shopping joint famous for wooden items. You will find beautiful candle stands, key chains, kitchen ware and toys made of wood here. Walking sticks beautifully carved out of wood are a must buy when you visit this place.
5. Tibetan Market is a cluster of shops in a single line selling clothes, inexpensive jewellery items and make-up items and accessories.

Shopping in Manali

Mall Road, Manali
Mall Road, Manali

There are numerous spectacular shopping places in Manali, which attract tourists throughout the year. Some of the most unique gift items can be bought from the Mall road. Tourists obsessive about antique articles can purchase the artistic Tibetan curios while at Manali. Being in close proximity to Kullu, tourists also purchase Kullu caps from here.

1. Gadan Thekchokling Gompa – A famous shopping place to purchase rugs and carpets.
2. Kashmir Shawl Emporium – Beautifully embroidered shawls, stoles and mufflers are a specialty of Manali. You can buy these from here.
3. Khara Bazar in Kullu is renowned for blankets, pashmina shawls and wooden furniture.

Shopping in Dalhousie

Dalhousie is a well-known destination for its natural scenic beauty as well as for its shopping spree.  The appealing and romantic ambience adds vitality to the shopping trip here. You can visit various government emporiums to buy woolen and handloom items.

The Tibetan Handicrafts Center on Thandi Sadak is a popular shopping spot in Dalhousie. Tibetan carpets and handicrafts are some of the famous items people take back when they leave from here.

Shopping in Chamba

minjar meal chamba

Chamba is famous for its local crafts and pickles. You can buy things made of stone and metal from the main central market that lies close to the central Chowgan. You can also pick up the popular Chamba chappals and a bottle of the Chamba Chukh pickle, if you love eating spicy foods.

Shopping in Kangra

Kangra is renowned for its miniature paintings that beautifully depict ancient art. You can buy these paintings to adorn your home. The Kangra tea is the most famous drink all over the world. Tea lovers will surely enjoy the taste of tea that has an amazingly refreshing fragrance.

Shopping in Dharamshala

Dharamshala is famous for its local handicrafts that can be bought from various shopping centers here. Don’t miss out on purchasing the Tibetan handicrafts from the Kotwali Bazaar. Woolen shawls, items of wooden and metal works are other good purchases that can be made when you are at Dharamshala.

Take back souvenirs for your loved ones, family and friends from here and see that scintillating smile that comes from their face when you give them lovely gifts from Himachal Pradesh.

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