Heading to Himachal ? Pack Right,Travel Light!

Your most devoted companion while traveling is your luggage, isn’t it? But more often, it gets to your nerves as you try defining a proper luggage space. This happen generally when you don’t travel smart.

Smart traveling has two concepts , mainly:-

1. Traveling Light – Involves the art of traveling with bare essentials but with everything you need.
2. Packing Right – This enumerates “packing as an art”. While traveling it is important that you know how, and what, you are going carry. You have a limit to what you can carry with you and price for exceeding the limit.

Often, traveling light conflicts with packing right. If you have to pack right, you can’t travel light, and if you travel light, you just can’t pack right. The solution lies between the two, and you’ll learn them through the tips given below. It is all about learning the art of  traveling light & packing right

1. Dimensions of Travel Bags – They are a necessary evil, unless you decide to travel without them. Therefore it is important toDuffel Bags consider a smart option for it. Compact, yet spacious would be ideal (i.e. neither to big, nor too small). There are plenty of choices for backpacks, duffel bags, suitcases or handbags. You can have separate bag for long distance travel and separate for short distance travel.

2. Compressors, packing cubes & organizer pouches – They keep you organized and your items collected. Plus they occupy a lot less space. You can also make use of compressing bags, which help in volume reduction of stacked clothes, hence help you to take more clothes in the same space, but don’t exceed the weight limit (in case you are flying). You can try the best ones available in market.

3. Art of packing – Regardless of other factors, space usage while packing governs the art of packing and ultimately decides how weighty your luggage would be. How you manage to fit things without wrinkles, keeping folds and creases intact is indeed a challenge. But not that unachievable, keeping few things in mind can solve this. Like never square fold your clothes, it occupies more space and volume. Bundle, roll or wrap your clothes one on top of another. Also avoid over loading.

4. Avoid last minute packing – It is important that once you have finalized your travel date, you start right away with packing. The early you start, the more ordered your travel packing gets. List out things; sieve the unimportant from important ones, check, buy and pack.  Unless you are a proficient traveler, last minute packing creates a whole lot of mess. You tend to stuff things rather than pack them.Travel Towels

Other Useful Travel Concepts

1. Travel towels – Grab one of them! They are extremely light, soft and thin-up when you fold them.
2. Travel Iron – Light & compact, gives fresh life or re-usability to clothes that are not dirty.
3. Professional Packers – Investing in it would not be bad. They are people/ service who will help or even pack everything, the right way before you set out for your destination.
4. Lost Luggage – You can use best tracking services to help locate your luggage in no time.
5. Tedious Unpacking – there are services where in you can drop your suitcases once you finish your travel. They will unpack, launder, iron and deliver everything at your home while you rest a bit.

Good luck for your next travel!.

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