Panchpula – A Place Having Five Bridges

Panchpula, a charming place, is just 3 km away from Dalhousie. This is one of the most attractive spots in the region.  Panchpula literally means a place having five bridges. The words ‘Panch’ (five) and ‘Pul’ (bridge) combine to form ‘Panchpula’. This is the main watercourse which supplies water to the two cities, Dalhousie and Bahloon.  You can see the Satadhara waterfall on your way to Panchpula. It is believed that the fresh water of the Satadhara waterfall possesses healing medical properties. A number of tourists visit to become witnesses of this great miracle of the nature.



At the place where the seven streams meet at Panchpula, a majestic monument has been built up by Sardar Ajit Singh in the memory of his brother Sardar Bhagat Singh, The greatest freedom fighter in the history of India. This monument attracts the attention of tourists exploring this scenic place. This is one of the best locations ever to spend unforgettable evening time. There are waterfalls, water streams, tea stalls and snacks corners available here.

How to visit Panchpula
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Why visit Panchpula

To have a memorable visit to a scenic place

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