Parvati Valley – Majestic Parvati River Valley

Parvati valley is a part of Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. The valley has got a bounty of greenery and raw beauty. The towns around the valley have turned into hippie resorts, offering cheap accommodation and international food. Moreover, it also serves the dreadlocked, hippie travelers a nonstop reggae music. Valley’s enthralling scenery and hot springs at Manikaran lure crowd from all over the world. It possesses some very thrilling trekking trails, but since they are extremely difficult, one should not take them up alone. Parvati river, after which the place takes its name, has got several tributaries in the valley. Beauty of the pristine tributaries like Dibibokiri and Tosh nallah add to the charm of the place.

How to visit Parvati Valley
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Why visit Parvati Valley

The sheer beauty of the valley blended with the exciting trekking options would make your travel worthwhile and totally unforgettable.

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