Peak Tourist Seasons in Himachal

No particular season can claim to be the best as you can travel Himachal Pradesh any time of the year. Tourists’ own choice of time to come to Himachal depends upon what they would be doing here. Every season has its own beauty and promises to unfold something worthwhile for tourists.

In general, tourist seasons in Himachal are divided into two main sections. These sections have been made on the bases of months and the nature of weather. First section is from the month of April to August and second one is from December to February.

Every single season attracts tourists in its way. The summer season is full of bustle and the rainy time is mild and romantic. Winters are loved for chilly climate and snow-covered peaks. The months of May and June are hot and this is the peak time for tourists to visit. Tourists from plains arrive here in order to escape extremely hot climate down there. That’s when Himachal Pradesh tourism booms.

The winter season (the months of December and January) is known to bring people here from allover the world. Nothing can be as attractive as Himachal in snow. Here, places like Shimla and Manali lead the charge. Though the temperature remains very low (sometimes even below 0 degree C), yet local, national and international tourists just want to grab the chance of witnessing snowfall.

Other seasons don’t see much people visiting. However, the rainy season (the months of July and August) is a good time to be in Himachal. The monsoons keep the climate flexible with the temperature fluctuating high and low.

The Spring season (March and April) inaugurates pleasant weather with alluring fragrance of season flowers. The temperature is moderate and the sky is clear most often, with occasional soul-soothing rains. This place is peaceful with negligible tourists coming during this time. That’s when Himachal Pradesh prepares to warm-welcome tourists in the following seasons.

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