Pragpur- The Oldest Village In Himachal Pradesh

A beautiful village nestled in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, Pragpur is ideally suited to discover the mesmerizing views of the Kangra valley. Situated at an altitude of 2000 feet above sea level, this historical town is well known for its many streams that flow into river Beas.
With pleasant climate, rich flora and fauna and awe-inspiring vistas, Pragpur and its surrounding areas can be viewed as the most suited location for village tourism.  Popularly known as the heritage village of Himachal Pradesh, Pragpur has numerous places of historical and religious importance.



Pragpur got its name from Princess ‘Parag,’ who did not support the uprising of the Mughal’s empire. Despite being ruled by both Mughals and Britishers, Paragpur village continues to maintain its culture even to this day. The village came to be recognized as a Heritage Village in December 1997. Garli-Pragpur, the twin village came to be known as heritage zone in 2002. Garli-Pragpur is famous for its scenic and natural beauty admired by one and all.


Places In And Around Pragpur

1. The Taal – An ancient pond dating back to the 18th century, the Taal is an important place of visit when you arrive at Pragpur. Youth and aged people can enjoy recreational activities at the Taal. The Nehar Committee, which was also popularly called as the village brotherhood, constructed the Taal long time ago.
You will get to see numerous heritage structures that are situated around the Taal. The Nehar Bhawan is nearly 250 years old and is the oldest heritage structure here. The other heritage structures near the Taal include Radha Krishna Mandir, Naun and Dhuni Chand Bhardial Serai, a village inn.


2. The Judge’s Court – The Judge’s court is the most splendid monument built in 1918. Having the Indo-European architecture, this marvelous building lies at a walk able distance from the Pragpur village and the Taal. It was Justice Sir Jai Lal, who came out with the idea of constructing the Judge’s court.


3. Butail Niwas – The ancient and marvelous architecture of this ancient structure is admired by most people who come here. This unique structure was constructed by Lala Buta Mal, who was a scion of the Chaujjar Sood dynasty. Constructed more than a hundred years ago, Butail Niwas comprises of six similar apartments that were built for the six sons of Buta Mal.



Pragpur is easily accessible by both rail and road. The heritage village lies 60 kms from Dharmshala and 40 km from Kangra. Several Himachal transport buses take you to Pragpur from almost all routes of Himachal Pradesh. You can even hire taxis from Kangra and Jwalaji to arrive at this beautiful heritage village. The closest railway station is situated at Una, which lies approximately 50 kms from Pragpur.

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