Shashur Monastery – Founded By Lama Deva Gyatsho

Shashur Monastery is a Buddhist monastery. It is located 2 kilometres from Keylong in Lahaul and Spiti and 37 kilometers from Manali. In local dialect ‘sha-shur’ means ‘blue pines’. You’ll actually see the monastery surrounded by blue pines when you see it from a distance.  This monastery was founded by Lama Deva Gyatsho of  Zangskar in the 17th century.  Thus forming the sect of monks called the Drugpa. The monastery is also home to Thangka paintings, most of which are over fifteen feet. A wall here also bears all the 84 siddhas of Buddhism.

How to visit Shashur Monastery
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Why visit Shashur Monastery

To Explore Nature & Buddist Culture

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