Shimla Mall Road: The Most Developed Mall Road In Himachal

The Shimla Mall road is the place where most of Shimla’s stores and people gather. It is similar to the English Home County market on a pedestrian street about 7km long. The bustling mall road is lined with handicraft stores, brand stores, and small shops selling a variety of items. From shawls and wool products to trendy jewelry and children’s toys, there are products for everyone, a true paradise for shopping enthusiasts. The mall is also famous for its colorful colonial buildings. It is home to the Gaiety Theater, which resembles an old British theater, and is a hub for cultural programs. Other important buildings include the Clarkes Hotel, Town Hall, a red-brick mansion called Bantony, formerly the home of Maharaja in Sirmaur, and the post office. The mall is home to Lakkar Bazar, famous for its local handicrafts. Elevators for passengers installed from HPTDC can approach from the cart road to the mall.

Attractions near Shimla Mall Road

Mall Road allows you to immerse yourself in the beauty of these majestic hills. However, if you are still not satisfied and want more; then these places are a good choice for you:
1. Scandal point: Mall Road meets Ridge Road on the west side. Here stands the statue of the great freedom fighter Lala Lajpat Rai. Side by side with the scandal is the Shimla General Post Office. It will be interesting to know how this place got its name. The prince of Patiala eloped from here with the daughter of a British governor, causing a lot of commotion, so the area began to be called “scandal point.”

2. Gaiety Theater: Several celebrities in the film industry have performed here. Although the theater has been renovated, the original structure is still intact to protect the heritage and natural beauty of this place.

3. Temple of Kali Bari: Here is consecrated the wooden statue of the goddess Kali consecrated in this temple. Visit this temple and feel the spirituality and religion.

4. Town Hall:  This architectural marvel, its history dates back to the colonial period, adds beauty to the surrounding architectural relics before independence and is a must-see for all admirers of technical and structural design.

5. Trekking to the top of Jaku Temple: Be sure to take some time to hike to the top of Jaku Temple. Jaku Temple is located on the highest peak of Shimla and is considered one of the best hills to try trekking. Although walking in bright sunlight may be a bit difficult, rainy days can make it the most enjoyable activity on a trip.

6. Horseback Adventure: For those who are interested in adding more excitement to their Simla trip, horseback riding may be the right choice. It brings adventure to your life and makes you feel good from the inside out. You can drive to The Ridge or Kufri Zoo and enjoy your trip to the fullest!

7. Mall Road Shopping: If you don’t bring home some souvenirs, your trip to Shimla will not be complete. From high-quality wool clothing to warm socks, scarves, shawls, hats, and gloves, you’ll find everything here that will make you look great in winter. Shangcheng Road is also a good place for those interested in shopping for Tibetan crafts and jewelry. You can also visit Tibet Market, Hong Kong Market, Thailand Market, Beiqi New Market, and Shangri-La Mall to shop for various commodities.

Best Time to Visit Shimla Mall Road

It is recommended to visit the shopping mall road in Shimla at night when a calm and relaxing breeze is blowing from the top of the mountain. You can easily spend a comfortable night here without even realizing how time passes. Don’t forget to bring a lightweight sweater or shawl, because it will get cold when you come back.
This is a good place to spend a fun and comfortable evening with friends. You will be surprised how time passes here.
Don’t forget to bring a light sweater, shawl or jacket, because the weather is too cold when you want to go home.

How To Reach Shimla Mall Road

Mall Road’s central location in Shimla is that it is easily accessible from all parts of the city. If you live in the city center, you can walk to Shopping Center Road in just a few minutes. However, if you plan to stay away from the city center, it is best to hire a taxi or drive by yourself. Please note that vehicles are not allowed on main roads, so you need to park a few miles away.
Please note that vehicles are not allowed on the main roads, so the best way to explore the area is to walk. For your convenience, Himachal Tourism Development Company operates an elevator that can take you from the main road to the upper reaches of the mall street. Mall Road is just 1 km from Shimla Old Bus Station and 1.5 km from the nearest train station.

Final Verdict

Whether you are coming to Shimla for a business meeting or wandering around like a local, you must visit Mall Road at least once in your life. Without a doubt, it is the best tourist place to explore in the city.

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