Spend A Day In Rewalsar, Feel The Calmness Of Rewalsar Lake

Spend A Day In Rewalsar, Feel The Calmness Of Rewalsar Lake

On a sunny day, the Rewalsar lake is a remarkable sight: vast, seemingly endless, and a brilliant blue. The lake is peaceful all year and comes to life when the temperature rises during the sweltering summer months. This magnificent lake, which is surrounded on all sides by rough mountains, is located at an elevation of 1,360 metres above sea level and is about 22.5 kilometres from Mandi. The lake is square in shape and spans 735 metres in length.

Padmasambhava statue

Rewalsar Lake, considered one of Himachal Pradesh’s foremost sacred lakes, is revered by people of all religions, including Hindus, Sikhs, and Buddhists. Tso-Pema, or the lotus lake, is how Tibetan Buddhists refer to it. According to legend, when the monarch of Mandi learned that his daughter Mandarava was running away with him, he attempted to kill Guru Padmasambhava. The king attempted to sabotage their relationship by cursing them to perish in a fire.

rewalsar lake 1

Padmasambhava used his supernatural abilities to turn the funeral pyre into a lake of sesame oil surrounded by a ring of fire. A enormous lotus flower erupted in the middle of the fire, on which Guru Padmasambhava sat surrounded by rainbows and clouds.

How to reach Rewalsar Lake:

The nearest airport is located in Bhuntar, District Kullu, and is around 84 kilometres away.

Taking the Train
The nearest rail link is the Narrow Gauge line in Joginder Nagar, which is roughly 78 kilometres away.

By Car
Rewalsar is around a 24-kilometer drive from the district headquarters in Mandi.

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