Sujanpur Fort – A Legacy From History

The Sujanpur fort lies on the banks of River Beas and close to the border of Kangra district. The fort is situated atop a hill and is popularly known as ‘Tira.’ The renowned fort was constructed in 1758 by Raja Abhaya Chand. During the early nineteenth century, Raja Sansar Chand resided at the Sujanpur fort.


Sansar Chand immensely loved Kangra and Pahari School of miniature paintings. Raja Abhaya Chand was compelled to give away the famous Kangra fort to the British and during that time the Sujanpur fort served as his refuge.


Architecture of Sujanpur fort

The entrance of the historical monument is remarkable and attractive. The hall consists of twelve chambers and it was also used for holding court. The other Rajas who visited Raja Sansar Chand, utilized the twelve chambers as seats of honor. While going inside the fort complex, you will find some stunning shrines. The Lambagraon Palace is a major attraction and catches the attention of every visitor. The palace served as the dwelling place of the royalty during the past.
The beautiful wall paintings and exquisitely designed pictures in the Baradari Hall of Sujanpur fort clearly indicate Raja Abhaya Chand’s love for the art. There is a small hollow or an indented area inside the fort. You will also find signs of faded paintings when you take a tour inside. The Sujanpur fort is a double storey structure and comprises of arches and sizeable rooms.
A massive quake that struck the Kangra region in 1905 destroyed the fort-palace. Once known for its majesty and grandeur, the Sujanpur fort continues to attract large number of tourists even to this day.

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