Sultanpur Palace – Magnificent Blend Of Pahari And Colonial Architecture

The Sultanpur palace is also well-known as Rupi Palace. The palace is visited by a large number of tourists all year round. The Sultanpur palace is famous for its attractive miniature paintings in Kullu style. Paintings portrayed in simple rural scenes are found at the palace. The paintings lack human element in them.


A blend of Pahari and colonial architectural styles can be seen at the Sultanpur palace. The beautiful palace was reconstructed near the old palace after it got destroyed by a massive quake.  Huge wooden logs have been used to construct the massive gates that lead to the entrance of the palace. The interior of the palace is remarkable and you will find some wall paintings that are still well-preserved.

The Sultanpur palace is the residence of the erstwhile ruling family. Therefore the tourists will have to take permission from the residents of Kullu before visiting the Rupi palace. The mesmerizing natural beauty of the Kullu region can be viewed from the surroundings of the palace.

Explore the architecture and design of the Sultanpur Palace when you visit Kullu. Don’t miss out on the opportunity of exploring the beautiful landscapes of the Kullu valley for an enchanting experience.

How to visit Sultanpur Palace
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Why visit Sultanpur Palace

For the striking architecture that is a mix of pahari and colonial style

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