The Mall Road, Shimla |10 Things You Cannot Miss Doing On Shimla’s Most Popular Road

Sited in the hub of Shimla, The Mall Road has a plethora of attractions to keep you on the go throughout the day for sightseeing, shopping and enjoying mouth-watering dishes of Madra, Dhaam, Thukpa, Mash Daal, Kullu Trout fish or The Tibetan specialities in tons of eateries and cafes spread across it. So, keep an entire day free to explore, relax, shop while indulging you in the cool hilly breeze, welcoming folks and great surroundings.

Things That You Must Not Miss on Mall Road, Shimla

1. Christ Church
Amidst the major landmarks of Shimla, it’s acknowledged as the second oldest church in North India. Observe the rich architecture and historical significance of the greatly admired tourist spot.

2. Scandal Point
Sitting in the centre and unifying the Ridge and the Mall Road Shimla brings tourists the real essence of the city life of Shimla. Have a charming walk in the evening surrounded by plenty of cafes, shops and stores.

3. Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex
Lots of renowned film celebs have performed in this historical theatre hall consisting of an old theatre, exhibition hall, art gallery, conference hall amphitheatre and The City Museum. Albeit, being renovated, its original framework is kept untouched to restore the natural elegance of its Victorian-theatre architecture.

4. Kali Bari Temple
Located on Bantony Hill, the Hindu temple has been dedicated to the Goddess Kali aka Shyamala. Spend some time among its spirituality.

5. Shri Hanuman Mandir Jakhoo
The prehistoric Jakhu Temple in Shimla is being dedicated to the Hindu God Hanuman. The statue of Shri Hanuman Jakhu is noted as the tallest statue in the world.

6. Botanical Gardens and Viceregal Lodge
Formerly called Viceregal Lodge, the Rashtrapati Niwas is situated on the Observatory Hills of Shimla. Earlier, the British Viceroy of India resided in this building. It boasts magnificent blue-grey stonework with tiled pitch roofing while its interior displays elaborate timeless woodwork.

7. Cafe Shimla Times
This splendid café with its creative interiors located next to the Hotel Willow Banks is a perfect place to spend the afternoon. Nevertheless, it converts into a lounge for enjoying live music presented by local bands. The menu includes Indian, Italian and Chinese dishes.

8. Shopping At Himachal Emporium
If you are desirous for shopping in the unique collections of Himachal Pradesh, there is no second choice of Himachal Emporium. Explore and shop a mixture of products from garments, footwear, and jewellery to artefacts, handmade goods, paintings etc.

9. The Ridge – Lakkar Bazar
With countless markets dealing in assorted brilliantly carved wooden handicraft crafted items, it is an ideal place to shop souvenirs and special kinds of wooden walking sticks.

10. Minerva Book House 
Being a book lover, never miss this book store outfitted with a wide variety of books from all fields. While buying is optional, you can simply pick up and continue reading for a few hours without any hesitation.

Best Time to Visit Mall Road, Shimla

May to June and December to January is the best time. To explore Mall Road, the evening is worthwhile. Make sure to carry a light woollen sweater, jacket or shawl.

How To Reach The Mall Road, Shimla

Mall Road is located at the centre point in Shimla and is accessible from all corners of the city.

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