The Scope of Tourism in Himachal

Unique and heavenly picture of Himachal Pradesh apparently confirms its eligibility for being referred to as the abode of Deities. Nature seems to have invested the most (or best) of her treasure on this wonderful place that boastfully lies in the gigantic lap of the Himalayas. One can’t resist their urge to visit a place like Himachal; humans, by instinct, fall for captivating nature. However, this shouldn’t be taken for it that Himachal is first choice of tourists just because of its beauty. Had Himachal not have time-tested and most powerful cultural heritage ever, natural beauty alone would have never made it, not at all. Enchanting beauty and rare culture of this place together bring tourists here.

Though Himachal Pradesh tourism has been flourishing for long back, in last couple of years it has roared significantly. Statistics are evident enough to assume that it’s assisted the economical growth of the state and can be relied on in future as well. In fact, tourism has become the main source of economy in Himachal Pradesh. This is so just because Himachal has a lot to offer in terms of tourism and today it has well-established tourism infrastructure. Improved transport facilities and powerful hotel industry add to the advancement. More importantly, flexible climate out here encourage people choose Himachal for memorable excursions. Nothing can be as pleasant as cool weather in summers and snow-covered peaks in winters!

Moreover, to be able to maintain a full-of-variety tourism approach is what makes people consider this place as a unique tourist destination and travel Himachal Pradesh. One can cherish unforgettable memories out of nature tourism, adventure tourism, pilgrimage tourism and leisure tourism in Himachal and the state capital Shimla is the best instance of this. There are around 6,000 temples with religious sagas to tell that definitely interest people. People love to take hilly and heightened paths to reach shrines. Beautiful peaks, fruit orchards and hot-water spring boost nature tourism. Skiing, paragliding and trekking lead adventure tourism in Himachal.

Himachal govt. is keen towards tourism growth and has practiced several measures and looks forward to execute many others. The tourism policy of the state covers betterment of transport, hospitality and health facilities. After accomplishing all these goals, the existing reputation of tourism in Himachal Pradesh can be capitalized. That’s how a reliable tourism strategy can be ensured for not-too-distant and highly competitive future.

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