Top 5 River Rafting Spots In Himachal Pradesh

Top 5 River Rafting Spots In Himachal Pradesh

Himachal is a magnificent heaven to experience some adventure activities in the Himalayas. Rafting and boating are limited experience sports where bright inflatable pontoons are utilized to cross the violent waterway waters. It’s full of exciting experiences and vows to give you and every one of your companions recollections that will keep going for a lifetime. 

Himachal is a delightful North Indian state and is home for some picturesque places that offer serenity and harmony. The untamed streams here are mysterious, and you need to feel the surge and appreciate it. Dissolving ice, snow-took care of streams, and lavish green valleys are a fantasy.

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5 River Rafting Places In Himachal Pradesh

Himachal is known for its lovely valleys, frigid mountains. Here’s a rundown of the absolute best River rafting in the eminent province of Himachal.

River Rafting In Manali

river rafting in manali

Manali is a town wrapped with tranquility, radiance, and serenity. It has pleasant snow-covered hills on one side, and fierce rafting on the other. Rafting in Manali is a magnificent objective for all rafting lovers. This spot is an ideal plan to experience on all Himachal plans and will be your best excursion ever. Prior to deciding to go to Manali for rafting or boating, consistently make a point to inhale fresh air and exhale excitement. You will feel joy, quiet, and winded at the same time in the best waterway boating in Manali. A brilliant chance to design a Manali visit for River rafting ought to be between October to February when the climate is charming and splendid.

River Rafting In Kullu

river rafting in kullu

River rafting along the Beas stream in Kullu is a limitless fun encounter. The unmistakable waters of this waterway and its gentle choppiness make this spot an ideal objective for stream boating. This is an incredible spot to encounter the all encompassing perspective and culture of Kullu. Boating season in Kullu starts in April and finishes till June — not long before there is a beginning of storm. This spot additionally offers grade 4 and grade 5 waterway boating experience. This is an ideal experience area for some thrillseekers who need to confront the test against nature and arise successfully.

River Rafting In Tattapani, Shimla 

rafting in tattapani

Shimla offers quite possibly the most difficult stream boating in Himachal Pradesh. Boating on the Sutlej waterway in Shimla isn’t for amateurs and requires a ton of related knowledge. The stretches of waterway pass close to Tattapani, which has sulfur springs of Himachal.   The expense of River rafting in Shimla is around 500 – 1000 INR for every individual.

River Rafting In Auli

river rafting in auli

River rafting in Auli on the Alaknanda stream is a profound encounter. The snow-covered piles of Auli will leave you entranced. Alaknanda is the significant feeder of Ganga and analyzes Auli, and it’s a wonderful scene. Auli has been a famous fascination for sightseers from everywhere in the world. Rafting in Auli is practical for just a half year from October to Spring.

River Rafting In Mcleodganj

river rafting in McleodganjTravelers love McLeod Ganj for its lavish green grand perspectives and cold waterway waters of Chamba. Stream boating in Chamba is a fantasy. This town has a Tibetan impact, and you will discover a ton of Tibetan cloisters and engineering as you progress forward in waterway boating. Mcleodganj offers grade 2 and grade 3 stream boating, and this is an astounding thought for all amateurs. An ideal opportunity to go waterway boating in McleodGanj is during September, October, and November.


Rafting Charges, Best Time and Duration

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The expense of Rafting in Himachal differs as per the evaluation, stream spread, and time you picked. All things considered, it will cost you around 500-2000 for each individual. You can likewise profit limits in the event that you have a bigger gathering. 

Summers are considered as the best planning for waterway boating in Himachal Pradesh.


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