Top 5 Things To Do In Mcleodganj, Dharamshala

The breathtaking beauty of Dhauladhar ranges get people drawn to Mcleodganj. The city is well known for representing Tibetan culture. You can come here to spend time meditating.

Top 5 Things to do in Mcleodganj, Dharamshala

Irrespective of purpose of your visit, the following is the list of 5 things you shouldn’t give a miss:

things to do in mcleodganj, dharamshala

1. Visit St. John Church

Are you a diehard fan of visiting out of the ordinary churches? In that case, this church, erected in 1852 by none other than John The Baptist, exhibits the popular Belgian stained windows that were designed under supervision of an Italian artist.

2. Relish The Spectacular Hilltop Destination In Triund

Situated at an altitude of approximately 2827 meters, it is easy to reach the spot. In fact, you will reach Daramshala after 17 kms.  It is the stunning snowline found in Dhauladhar range that will make your visit worth it. Best known for being a wonderful trekking spot, people come here to enjoy their picnics as well.

3. Feel On Top Of The World With A Boat Ride In The Dal Lake:

Witnessing the gorgeousness of Mcleodganj during your boat ride will give you a once in a lifetime experience. The sights of the picturesque lake will soothe your inner self.
Don’t miss the opportunity to visit The Lord Shiva Temple. Once you have had a wonderful boat ride, you can visit the temple located in the immediate vicinity of the river bank.

4. Go On A Trekking Expedition To The Famous Kangra Valley

Trekkers love to visit this place time and again. They are delighted to witness this amazing scenic trek allowing them to do three things at one go. This includes:

• Remotely located Hindu towns.
• Old Temples.
• Beautiful lakes.

After making a start from Mcleodganj, you will get a rare opportunity to have a glimpse of village life as you pass via Kareri Village.

5. Get A Glimpse Of The Wildlife By Visiting Pin Valley National Park

If you are an avid fan of wildlife, visiting Pin Valley National Park will do the trick for you!
The park stands out in three respects:

• The park boasts of more than approximately 20 species of birds and animals.
• It has the more endangered Snow leopard.

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