Where Does Shimla Rank among Top Hill Stations India?

Among the cities with a population of less than 1 million in the country, Shimla is the most livable. Queen of Hills received this honor in the Livability Index (EoLI) survey, the results of which were announced today by the Department of Housing and Urban Affairs. Among the 114 cities participating in this category, Simla tops the list. Urban Development Minister Suresh Bhardwaj said: “This is a great achievement and the pride of citizens and the state government.”
What makes this achievement even more compelling is that Shimla ranks 92nd in the 2018 Life Convenience Index. This year, the city jumped 92 places to top the list. “In fact, this is an amazing achievement. The jump to 92 places to the top of the list is really impressive. Smart city teams and municipal companies deserve a lot of praise and praise for their huge rise in rankings,” Smart City Managing Director Abid Hussian said.
In order to evaluate the progress made by the city, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development has launched two evaluation frameworks, the Ease of Living Index (EoLI) and the Municipal Performance Index (MPI) in 2019. These two indices are designed to assess the quality of life of citizens in 100 smart cities and 14 other cities with a population of less than 1 million. The ranking of the life convenience index is based on the evaluation of the four parameters of quality of life, economic capacity, sustainability, and citizen awareness. At 100 points, Shimla ranked first in the EoLI ranking with a total score of 60.90. The MPI is evaluated based on five parameters: service, finance, technology, planning, and governance. On the municipal performance index, Shimla was ranked 24th with a total score of 43.71.
The No.1 ranking reflects the developments that have taken place in the state in recent years. The Minister of UD said that unprecedented development in the fields of education, health, and public works and the decline in crime rates have increased the livability of Shimla. Although has achieved The achievements are indeed remarkable, but neither the authorities nor citizens can ignore the initial problems that the city continues to face, the most notable of which are the traffic and parking problems. Once these problems are resolved, it will greatly increase the city’s livability index. Hill stations in India are the ideal option for spending the summers away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. Speaking of hill stations, India has a number of them, and there are even a few that rank among the best hill stations in the world. India is dotted by some of the most charming hill stations, with Shimla being one.

Considering the fact that almost all the hill stations of the country are breathtakingly beautiful and extremely picturesque, it would be difficult to say where Shimla ranks among them all.

Nevertheless, if you go through the rankings on different review sites and blogs, you will find Shimla in the number one position.
Top Rankings for Shimla
Shimla ranks right at the top in the list of the most beautiful hill stations in India, and there are reasons why. The very first reason behind Shimla fetching the top rankings is its snow-capped Himalayan ranges, along with the green pastures that surround the district.

Spectacular hills combine with structures dating back to the colonial era, and this is what makes Shimla an exclusive place to visit. It is completely different from the other hill stations of the country considering its town area filled with lower bazaars flowing with shops selling spices, fabrics and souvenirs and local life.

Rashtrapati Niwas, The Ridge, Himachal State Museum, Sankat Mochan Temple, The Mall Road, Gordon Castle and Christ Church are the top sightseeing spots of Shimla. Boasting elegance and beauty coupled with busy city life, Shimla truly makes its way to the list of the most popular hill stations of India.

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